Where Is The 2018 Team?

This is from Joe Fritts, founder of Sam Houston Lacrosse (1980)

As founder of the program, this is by far the hardest topic to write about. However, I believe in honesty and being fully transparent with all recruits and especially their parents.

In 2017, the program was 100% run by students. Unfortunately, managing money was not their specialty. In the end, they spent more than they brought in (dues, fundraisers). Vendors started calling the school looking for their money. Imagine the surprise in Rec Sports hearing one of their programs owes money… a lot of money! With this discovery, Rec Sports suspended the program indefinitely until they repay the debts.

What’s The Plan?

I have met with the Vice President who oversees Rec Sports, who I have known for almost 10 years now. We have agreed to some specific terms that will permit the program back by the Fall of 2018 with the goal of participating in the Spring/2019 season. He has also given permission for the “ADULTS” (Alumni) to handle all finances. In fact, we are creating a 501c3 just for this.

Paying off (completely) the debt is our #1 goal along with recruiting 25-30 LACROSSE players for the Fall/2018. We need impact players immediately. This will not be an environment for the student who thinks this would be “cool” to try. If you are not up for a Varsity experience, we are not the program for you. Coach Woodend and I do this for free and our mission is to be back at Nationals within 2-3 years.

We hope you will join us and help us get back to the Bearkat Winning Ways!

I will openly discuss any/all details with a recruit and their parents on the phone.